The ‘hat clasp’ is the summer pose done by Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emily Ratajkowski

The ‘hat clasp’ is the summer pose done by Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emily Ratajkowski

You’ve got the perfect blue sky in the background and the sun hitting all the right angles. Someone’s agreed to take pictures of you.

Quick, how do you pose? Hand on hip is too teapot-like. There’s always the strandid, the belfie, or the Flamingo, that Beyonce seems to enjoy, but that requires a wall and you don’t have one.

But there’s a new hot summer pose that’s been all the rage on Instagram lately and all it requires is a hat.

Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski and more have shown off the simple trick that involves placing a hand on your hat.

So will you be trying it on your next holiday?

The pose is perfect for all those enviable holiday snaps in bikinis under the sun.

While you’re protecting your head from all those rays, you can also look stylish by tilting your head and touching the brim of the hat or even posing mid-endeavour to give it that candid feel.

Emily Ratajkowski has nailed it, walking away from the camera to serve the belfie and the hat clasp all in one.

Unlike Nicole Scherzinger Vanessa Hudgens though, Emily has her arm up but doesn’t make contact with her hat.

Perhaps it wasn’t too windy where she was.

Happy summer trip on the beach. Woman selfie portrait with blue sky.

But whether you’re holding on to make sure the wind doesn’t make your hat fly away, or because you don’t know what to do with your arms, the pose is certainly compelling, giving you something to do with your hands and remedying any slouching.

And it works with a floppy hat, a cap, even a sombrero if you’re on Mexican waters.

It’s not just celebrities on luxurious holidays trying it either. It’s a hit among us non-famous people too.

So, that’s one more pose we’ll be trying soon on holiday. And by holiday we mean the garden next to a paddling pool it took six hours to fill.

Arnold Lawson

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