Light Installations by Liz West

Light Installations by Liz West

UK-based artist Liz West knows how to play with lights. Though not a “light artist” per se, West’s light installations are most definitely an art. Her new site-specific chromatic light work “Your Colour Perception” at Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House is spread across a vast 5000 sqare foot gallery space.

To achieve this creation, West spent three days wrapping cellulose theatre gels around each of the hundreds of fluorescent bulbs. “Within this work, West was interested in the influence and perception of luminous colour in architectural space and on visitors experiencing it. West transformed Federation House into a sensory, visceral experience by overloading it with artificial chromatic light in which to test the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual responses visitors experience during their encounter.” From space design to luminous sculptures, she creates a sensory experience where gradient colors and vivid lights impregnate the space with beautiful reflections.







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