Gucci are selling £1000 trainers that ‘look like a Caramac bar’

Gucci are selling £1000 trainers that ‘look like a Caramac bar’

A pair of Gucci trainers, that cost of £1,070, have been called ‘the most disgusting’ ever by shoppers.

Inspired by hiking boots, the designer shoes are part of Gucci’s new ‘Flashtrek’ line. And if they’re not quite flashy enough, you can pay £365 extra for the privilege of sporting a bejewelled strap.

The oversized footwear is the latest in the current trend of statement sneakers, and they are certainly a blingy alternative if you’re after a bit of sparkle on your ‘dad’ trainers.

- Picture of the Gucci shoes on sale that have been compared to a Caramac bar TRIANGLE NEWS 0203 176 5581 // A PAIR of ?1,000 designer trainers have been dubbed ?the most disgusting ever? - and compared to a Caramac bar by horrified shoppers. Gucci have just released its new line of ?Flashtrek? leather sneakers, priced at a cool ?1,070. They are inspired by hiking boots, just with a much heftier price tag. *full news copy filed via the wires* *TRIANGLE NEWS DOES NOT CLAIM ANY COPYRIGHT OR LICENSE IN THE ATTACHED MATERIAL. ANY DOWNLOADING FEES CHARGED BY TRIANGLE NEWS ARE FOR TRIANGLE NEWS SERVICES ONLY, AND DO NOT, NOR ARE THEY INTENDED TO, CONVEY TO THE USER ANY COPYRIGHT OR LICENSE IN THE MATERIAL. BY PUBLISHING THIS MATERIAL , THE USER EXPRESSLY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND TO HOLD TRIANGLE NEWS HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS, OR CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH USER

Gucci says the shoes were ‘inspired by the hiking world’ (Picture: Triangle News)

And Gucci really haven’t held back with the bling. On the label’s website they say the shoes feature, ‘crystals set in engraved metal casings, embroidered onto a removable elastic strap that wraps around the shoe.

‘Featuring a mix of metallic leather, mesh and reflective fabric, the accessory is defined by the Gucci patch with the graphic font of SEGA,’ it adds.

But the fancy footwear has divided opinion. It seems not everyone wants to walk around with giant, sparkly Caramac chocolate bars strapped to their feet? Disbelieving shoppers took to Facebook to share their thoughts.

One said, ‘maybe I’m just hungry but those soles remind me of Caramacs.’ Another commented, ‘didn’t know the latest in fashion colour scheme was inspired by the chocolate bar Caramac.’ We’re seeing a bit of a theme here.

But it wasn’t just the chocolaty aesthetic that had people up in arms. Others were quick to call Gucci up on their claims that the shoes were ‘inspired by the hiking world.’

One woman said, ‘Inspired by the hiking world??? What kind of hike would that be?’ with another responding, ‘I would think that would be a price hike. A massive one.’

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