Do Zara models know how to wear clothes?

Do Zara models know how to wear clothes?

We know we’re close to the holidays and everything is a bit of a struggle.

Getting dressed in the morning takes a bit more concentration that normal.

But you know how to put a jacket on if you think hard enough – one arm through one hole, the other arm through the other and button it up at the front.

It seems that concept might be a bit of a struggle for Zara models.

Some shoppers have noticed some interesting ways they’ve been showing off the high-street brand’s designs, particularly this coat.

The model wears the coat backwards and it’s certainly a statement.


Taking a deeper look through their website, there are plenty of other examples.

Like this jumper – you might struggle to have a conversation with this look but at least you’d be warm.

(Picture: Zara)

This one is for those days you just don’t want to see anyone. Just copy this model and curl up in a ball inside your coat (but careful, someone might see your heels).

Or you could wear a coat over the top of another coat and throw it over your head.

Of course, you could just take your coat off and wear it on your lap, like this model.

(Picture: Zara)

Or try another back to front look with your bag around your neck.

And apparently trying to take your jumper off is a look.

(Picture: Zara)


(Picture: Zara)


(Picture: Zara)

Despite the unusual tactic, Zara fans have said they’d still buy their products but some admit they go in store to look because of the pictures online.






So what exactly is Zara’s thinking? Fashion PR expert Dominique St. John explains: ‘It looks like Zara has added a twist to online shopping by adding more playful shots to its online catalogue.

‘We often see these playful shots in glossy editorial shoots from Vogue to Glamour.

‘Of course, we would never wear a coat as a rucksack, but I can only imagine its part of their PR campaign.

‘It has definitely caught the public’s attention.

‘Whether these images encourage customers to shop on is another question, but there are also other images online where shoppers can see what clothing items look like on the models.’

So whether you like them or not, it’s certainly got us talking and who knows, maybe these are set to be the big trends for 2019 and Zara is just ahead of the curve.

Arnold Lawson

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